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Congratulations, you are now engaged! How Romantic it must have been, I’m sure you have already picked out your venue and need to start planning out the wedding reception you desire. First prioritize what is most important to you and your fiance when it comes to your reception.  Is it the décor or the ambiance of the room? Most couples don’t realize that the ambiance is affected by many things from the linens, flowers and lighting to your DJ.  A couple of things you need to ask yourself is, “what type of ambiance am I wanting for my wedding reception? ” and “what do I want my guests to say when they think about my wedding reception?” These questions will help you start to get on the right track to finding the vendors that will be the best fit for your vision.

Now that you have decided what type of reception you are looking for and what is most important to you, it is time to start scouting out other  wedding vendors! Looking back to when I got married, I wish I would have realized that I should have made hiring a DJ a bigger priority for my wedding. I waited only a couple of months before I booked my DJ and did not have many choices to choose from because everyone was sold out! When I was shopping around I only knew one question to ask….how much? Making a decision solely on price would be a HUGE mistake.



The national average of money spent on a wedding according to the knot is $35,329 and $40,285 in the Houston Area. How much of your budget should go towards a DJ/ Entertainment? In the Houston area, brides spend on average $1,035 on entertainment according to costofwedding.com.  This entertainment budget includes:  instrumentalists for your ceremony or cocktail hour and bands and deejays for the reception, Budget is important,  but you need to ask the correct questions to make sure that you are comparing “Apples to Apples.”

Here are some great questions to ask your potential DJ:

  • How many hours of playing time will be provided?
  • Will The DJ playing for the ceremony be an additional cost?
  • Is an Emcee included?
  • Will you bring any type of lighting?
  • Do you have a wireless microphone we can use for the toasts?
  • Do you have a backup plan in case your equipment fails or they are unable to attend the event?
  • Can I meet with you before the wedding?
  • Do you charge a travel fee?
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