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Photography is one of the biggest aspects brides think about when it comes to wedding planning. It is an area that people spare no expense and are determined to find the right photographer; and understandably so. You’ll be looking at and showing off these pictures for the rest of your life. These will be the pictures that go up at your first house, and your last. You need to make sure you’re going with the right group of people to help you get the pictures that you want!

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Complete weddings + events offers a photography service that we strongly believe is the best in Houston. We don’t offer anything but the best when it comes to our wedding services. Photography isn’t any different. We’ve teamed up with Houston’s best wedding photographers and editors to create a team that is ready to provide the best possible experience for you.

Booking photography with us means that you have a variety of Houston wedding photographers to choose from. We have online photographer profiles to look over so that you can find the perfect style to fit your wedding. We have no shortage of talent in our staff and we make sure you get the photographer that fits exactly what it is you’re looking for.

Apart from choosing which photographer you like, we give you different options when it comes to the package you want as well! We have our basic signature package that includes your photographer of choice for 8 hours, an online gallery to view and order your photos, a mobile phone app, and your full resolution photos. Our signature plus package includes everything in the signature package plus a seamless bind photo album and 10 gift prints (4×6, 5×7, or 8×10). Lastly, our premium package is everything in the signature package plus a 10×10 photo cover album, 20 gift prints, and a 20×30 wall portrait.

What separates Complete from our competitors is that we’re willing to make the wedding totally, 100% about you. We have this mindset with every service that we offer. So, when it comes to photography, we make sure the pictures that we take are yours. If you use Complete as your Houston photographer, we will give you a signature release of your pictures, meaning you’ll own them, we won’t. Most wedding photographers will give you your pictures, but still legally own the photos themselves after the wedding. This means that they can still charge you money to own the pictures, or to own different copies. We legally sign the pictures off to you, so that you own every copy, edited or unedited. We then give you access to all of your photos through an online site, mobile phone app, and a thumb drive. If there was a picture taken on the night of your wedding, you own it. Simple as that!

When booking Complete for your wedding, you’re not just booking one photographer, you’re booking a team of professionals. Sure, you get to pick your favorite photographer and you’ll probably be working with them quite a bit. However, you’ll also be working with a staff of people trained to help you in any area you may need. We’re wedding professionals and are ready to help with anything!

This is great news for how your pictures turn out as well. Your pictures will be taken the night of the wedding by a professional photographer, then edited by a team of professional editors so that you get the best quality possible. Our staff hopes that you get the very best out of your wedding, and we feel like you’ll genuinely know that by using us!

If you’re booking photography with us, you may be interested in booking other services with us as well. If so, there are major advantages to using Complete for multiple services. We are one team, so we work seamlessly together to make sure your night is perfect. We also offer package pricing on every one of our photography packages. There are many reasons to book photography along with other Complete services!

Our photographers aren’t just great artists, they’re great with people. This is a very underrated quality when it comes to wedding photographers because you’ll have to be with them all day. If you happen to book a rude photographer, it could negatively affect your whole wedding. Complete is the pinnacle of customer service in weddings and that is stressed greatly with our photography service. We want to make sure the day of your wedding is the best day of your life and our photographers will be working hard to make sure that happens.

Our photographers contact you to make sure they’re 100% on the same page as you are. This goes hand in hand with our mission to make your day since we want things to flow seamlessly throughout your wedding. Complete’s photographers want to make sure that from the moment they show up the day of your wedding, to the moment you first see your pictures, you have nothing but good experiences with your photographer. Having fun during your wedding is a priority to us, we’re going to work hard to make sure it happens!

Whatever style of pictures you want the day of your wedding, we would love to accommodate. Whether you want your pictures to be inside, outside, our photographers will be able to capture your dream photos.

Complete photography is the most advanced wedding photography service in the Houston area and is worth exploring for anyone getting married. We house the best talent, customer service, and editing team out of any Houston wedding photographer. Our team is overall the best that Houston has to offer, and we hope we can make your wedding awesome!

Check out our website now to see our photographers and their work. Also, check prices and availability now to see if Complete photography is available for your event!


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